Yes I Teach Music Lessons!

For folks in the NC Triangle area, I give drum set, percussion, and kora lessons during the week. I can offer skype lessons for those interested who live elsewhere. All skill levels are welcome!

Prices and Durations:

-Lessons are either 30 minutes ($25), 45 minutes ($35) or 60 minutes ($45).
-For children under 10 years, lessons are 30 minutes and $5 off.
-I also offer joint lessons for a discounted fee.

The following instruments / styles are currently available:

-Drum Set: beginner-advanced, many styles including rock, funk, world, punk / hardcore, and basic double-kick techniques. Jazz is out of my league!

-West African Djembe, Dununs, and Sabar: beginner-intermediate. Technique, voicing, training exercises, traditional rhythms taught in original and traditional arrangements. Rhythms passed down are from lessons, workshops, and classes I've taken since 2001, with a focus on those of my primary teachers: Madou Dembele (Ivory Coast/Mali), Mohammed DaCosta (Guinea), Haruna Sidibe (Mali), Ousemane Ndiaye (Senegal), Cheick Sissoko (Ivory Coast), and Sandy Blocker (USA).

-Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian (Congas and Samba Batucada/Bateria instruments only): beginner-intermediate. Salsa and Rumba rhythms are taught, and Clave concepts explored.

I teach specifically and traditionally, but I also would enjoy teaching anyone who wants to know anything about hand drumming! It's a very healing activity for your mind, body, and soul!

For lessons on the West African Kora, please get in touch for details. Thx!

To schedule your lesson, get in touch using the Contact page. My studio is located in the country between Chapel Hill and Durham, NC.