I am more of a performing musician than a seller of instruments, but every now and then things pass through my workshop, or I need to get rid of some gear, or (most likely) I've repaired a kora or djembe that now needs a new home. Maybe my new side-profession is being a kora rescuer! (i.e. fixing up old koras that either have been abandoned or become un-tuneable). Please email me using the Contact Form to inquire about or make a purchase.

Current items for sale: 1 kora, 1 djembe bag, 1 condenser djembe mic, and 1 cello gig bag.

New for Kumandi campers!

Kora (used) from the Gambia / USA -- $525

 Details and Specs:

Cost: USD $525 

Country of Origin: Gambia & USA 
Year: unknown 
Weight: 8.2lbs 
Height: 46 1/2” 
Width: 17 1/2” 
Depth: 14” 

Tonic / Key: G major (can be tuned to other keys) 

Number: 22 
Material: Berkley Trilene Monofilament Fishing Line 
Color: Clear 
Bass String Style: Monofilament (Green) 
Anchor String Color: Green Tint 

Wood: Cypress 
Style: Open Front w/Fret Inlays of different species 

Brand: Stewart MacDonald Economy Open Gear 
Turn Ratio: 14:1 
Material: Chrome w/Pearlescent Knob 

Size: Medium 
Country of Origin: Gambia 
Decoration: “Bamba Touba 1” 
Extras: Sound Hole in Shape of Africa 

Handles & Bridge: 
Wood: Unknown 

Bridge Plate: 
Wood: Unknown 
Covering: Traditional Red Fabric 

Material: Steel Rebar

This kora was built in the Gambia and brought back to the US by a kora student. It exchanged hands several times and got a new neck with wooden tuners designed and made by Andrew Moore. Years later, the kora made it to me and I dismantled it, refinished the neck, mounted machine tuners, restrung it, and got it ready for it's new home.

Djembe Bag (used) -- $25